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49th Security Division

Cyber Aces

Cyberaces is now back for fall 2014. The Cyber Aces foundation was created to help develop the cyber security talent in the US by providing free training material. The Cyber Aces foundation is partnered with the SANS Institute to provide some of the material. Training from SANS is usually several thousand dollars and considered the premier training source.

Some of the topics that will be covered this year are basic linux and windows topics, basic networking, and basic scripting in bash, php and powershell. The full topic list is here.

The format is changing a bit from last year. Instead of opening up topics one at a time, they are allowing participants to look at the material on their own pace and take all of the quizes in a three day window. The quizes will then open up once a quarter if a participant wasn't able to complete a quiz in previous rounds. The first round of quizes will be December 3-5 2014. The following scheduled quiz dates are March 18-19 2015, June 3-4 2015, September 2-3 2015, December 2-3 2015.

Cyber Aces also hosts the National Cybersecurity Career Fair held on November 20-21. It is a virtual career fair so participants can attend as any time during those days. You can register at

More information about Cyber Aces can be found on their website

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